Gemini Double Rack Ovens


The Gemini Sveba Dahlen V42 Double Rack Oven is perfect for restaurants or bakeries with higher volume baking. The ovens are equipped with effective heat exchangers, they have generously dimensioned, overlapping insulation and a patented steam system with very fast recovery characteristics. This means that the ovens satisfy the demand for high rates of productivity with low operating and maintenance costs.


Sveba Dahlen
Double Rack Oven

5 Year Heat Exchanger Guarantee!

  • Gas fired double rack oven
  • Electronic control panel
  • Control panel can be operated both manually or is programmable up to 35 recipes
  • One double or two single rack capacity
  • Rack carriage device with auto lift
  • Stand, overhead rack lifting and turning system rated for 1200 lbs. capacity with 2 sep. drive belts
  • Unit approved for zero (0) clearance to combustible surface sides and rear
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Rock wool mineral insulation throughout
  • “Patented” IBS rotation system
  • Incr. baking surface, rack rotation is alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise for uniform baking
  • Gentler bake with high volume and low velocity air movement via two fans
  • Patented cascade steam system (works without nozzles) includes stainless steel housing with aluminum rods
  • Flush front
  • Heat exchanger completely in stainless steel
  • Oven door to have two (2) double glazed window panes, inner pane heat reflecting. Outer pane will be top hinged to open outwards with two (2) fluorescent light bulbs for interior lighting located behind outer pane
  • Controls are recessed and protected
  • Door latch design completely in stainless material and with double lock cylinders
  • Damper – Linear opening/closing with small steps so that the damper opening can be regulated
  • Available in front or rear drain
  • Inside door handle release, recessed hinges and safety switches
  • Adjustable air slots
  • All service from the front and interior of oven.
  • Electrical Connection
  • Draft diverter
  • Draft inducer